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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 10, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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alert, north korea releasing chilling details of what it calls an impending attack on americans in quam. applets todd: kim jong and calling donald trump's threats a load of nonsense. the breaking details on the strong words from the secretary of defense. >> reporter: good morning, breaking news, north korea playing war rhetoric. we are learning about the plan to fire four intermediate missiles into the waters near guam. they are going to fire four missiles, it would be the most provocative missile launch to date, it will fly over japan, japan vowing to respond. guam since 2100 miles southwest of pyongyang, two military bases, housing 6000 troops,
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population 160,000, armed with a missile defense system coming after the president sent a very clear message. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: the rogue regime persists calling the president's comments a load of nonsense, the administration speaks with one voice, jim matus warning kim jung un to he the advice of the united states to stop its actions saying any consideration of actions would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people reminding the north the us has the most robust military capabilities at all, saying these actions continue to grossly overmatched by hours, would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates. deputy secretary to the
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president sebastian gorka reinforcing this one voice from the white house. >> that is an evil regime, as bad as anything we know from the soviet union, north korea, the black male stops and if you get into an arms race with the united states, you will lose. >> reporter: timing is important, the north koreans saying they will launch by mid-august, that is essentially next week. we will see more from this today. >> we will talk to a former cia officer with his take. >> donald trump facing backlash for threatening to rain fire infuriates north korea but former education secretary doctor bill bennett says that is exactly why the american people put him into office. >> one of the reasons a lot of us put donald trump into office and voted for them is he doesn't do things in the usual way and
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he said in 1999 you know better than i, there is too much kicking the can down the road, criticizing barack obama for this all the time, strategic patience didn't work so he lays it forward. the problem is we would like to go after them but they have a hostage, south korea, 25 million people. that is the statement, we will destroy your people, stronger than trump's, that will be the end of them. but having a hostage being held is another question. heather: one who welcomes the tough talk is the governor of guam which is in north korea's sites. the governor joining brian kill meet on tucker carlson tonight. >> as far as i'm concerned, as
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an american citizen i want to president who says if any nation such as north korea attacks guam, attacks honolulu, attacks the west coast they will be met with hell and fury. heather: there are 160,000 american citizens on the island of guam. >> a string of bizarre incidents leave american diplomats with severe problems, the symptoms lead to a covert sonic device placed inside or near their residences in cuba. the state department is tightlipped on what happened. >> we take this situation seriously. when we talk about is the safety and security of american citizens at home and abroad is
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our top priority. todd: not clear if this was a deliberate attack, the fbi and cuban officials are investigating. a terror suspect accused of hitting 6 soldiers with his bmw in paris before speeding away is under arrest. police shooting the driver 5 times, 150 miles north of paris. the suspect has been hospitalized. the attack was without a doubt the work of a terrorist who waited in his car outside the barracks for the soldiers to go on patrol before mowing them down. heather: a russian surveillance plane flies over the pentagon, and donald trump. new jersey golf club, it is totally legal. the jet making its light as part of the treaty of open skies which allows countries to make unarmed observations in an effort to promote transparency and to ensure arms agreements are being followed and the flightpath agreed-upon by washington and moscow. the alleged russian collusion probe centered around paul manafort, rating the former campaign manager in alexandria, virginia late last month.
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geraldo rivera saying it is a surprise early-morning search, positive news for the commander in chief. >> the good news for donald trump is manafort is forced to turn over tax and banking records which is an indication that manafort is the target, not russiagate or donald trump. heather: this happened after manafort met with intelligence committee behind closed doors. the argument has been we are concentrating too much on the russia investigation and not enough on the agenda. todd: one of the key issues is healthcare, interesting interplay between the president and mitch mcconnell. let's hear what mitch mcconnell has to say about excessive expectations when it comes to
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healthcare. >> our new president has not been in this line of work before and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> totally different than what he said in january, he would get healthcare and tax reform, things that we would accomplish, changing his tune a little bit of the president agrees with that, this is what the president had to say. mitch mcconnell said i had excessive expectations but i don't think so after seven years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done. todd: as for those mentions back in january let's hear what mitch mcconnell said about healthcare. >> it will be repealed by the end of this week. >> the first step will be taken by the end this weekend and go to the house.
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what the speaker has done and i concur with is to lay out a game plan through the artist recess, what we want to try to accomplish. for myself i intend to speak to a plan. >> though incriminating. they haven't figured out why the president won. it was for one simple reason, the american people are sick and tired of bureaucracy and mitch mcconnell stand there and says bureaucracy is just the way it is. it is not good enough for the american people. >> they will pay for it in the midterm elections. overturning obamacare, having a new healthcare plan, a huge part of what donald trump ran on and what they voted on. >> basically says the same thing. listen to this. >> it suggests republicans in congress haven't learned the
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lesson of trump's election, the reason he beat the most entrenched democratic regime, and 16 republicans in the field, he intended to keep the promises on the campaign trail, people believed that. heather: a navy pilot crashed off the coast of key west, dramatic video showing the coast guard lifting the pilot into a helicopter. the pilot setting off a smoke signal for help moment after ejecting from his jet in a training exercise was unclear what led to that crash. the pilot is okay. heather: a community comes together to mourn a rookie cop, army veteran killed in cold blood. family and friends lady a candlelight vigil for officer gary michael who is remembered as a hero. rightfully so. hundreds of people including dozens of missouri police officers lined the streets to
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salute michael as his procession drove by. michael was shot and killed during a traffic stop sunday night. is accused killer is behind bars. todd: hurricane franklin downgraded to a tropical storm after turning into mexico's east coast overnight, heavy wind, pounding rain and the possibility of letting and mudslides. heather: franklin the first atlantic hurricane of the season. we could see nine of the damaging storms this year. meteorologist janice dean joins us with the latest. >> that is the big headline, noah upgrading their hurricane count and saying we can have two to three major hurricanes this year as we get into the season, tropical storm franklin downgraded 70 mile-per-hour sustained winds. it was a hurricane overnight and starting to weaken as it moves
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across losing its warm water source, it's energy. rainfall is expected a trusted 12 inches, higher amounts in the mountains and could be devastating for this area of mexico. a couple areas of concern, this one, 50% chance of forming over the next couple days and an area right here in the bahamas we are looking at. we are getting into peak season and that means the tropics are heating up and the national hurricane center is saying 14 to 19 storms, 5 to 9 hurricanes, two to five which could be major. if you live in an area that could be hit by a hurricane you need to make your preparations now because we are hitting the peak season. heather: thanks, the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and running on controversy, and atlanta jim says everyone is allowed except law enforcement and the military and wait until you hear why. todd: this va worker fired for putting our heroes at risk back on the job.
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heather: fox news alert north korea responding to donald trump's tough talk, state media claiming it can launch missiles in guam's direction within days. what are the president steps? here to weigh in, brian dean, thank you for joining us. we keep hearing the ball is in china's court at this point. what do we need them to do that they have not done previously. >> for many years they haven't followed through on promises for sanctions. 90% of what it needs from a monetary perspective as well as the items they need comes from china.
2:16 am
china needs to promise to enforce, prevent the north koreans from going into beijing, china and buying the equipment they need. heather: both of which they have not done. here is what donald trump had to say on july 29th, disappointed in china. very disappointed in china. our foolish past leaders allowed hundreds of millions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do nothing for us with north korea, they just talk. we will not allow this to continue. china easily solved this problem. how can we force them to follow through this time? >> the trump administration tying our economic trade to them doing the right thing, we are seeing some things wrong. aluminum foil, looking at bilateral imitations in terms of trade. we start hitting the economy of china.
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then china will start to pay attention saying there is a cost for not doing the right thing and that is what the trump administration is doing and we will see them stepping up. heather: in terms of the latest sanctions that were applied, the united states going a step further but china bought them. >> china doesn't want to solve this problem. they want a buffer state between south korea and all the g.i. joes in seoul and south korea. they fear if courier is united than the united states will be on our back door. we have to address that concern. we want china onboard. china has to grow up, they have to understand they are a member of the international community focused on themselves, internal stability over everything else. heather: of refugees and that would be an issue. >> right across the border from north korea, that area is
2:18 am
incredibly important because the amount of food produced is like our midwest. to have a bunch of refugees flowing across that border would be a problem in terms of food. they want to make sure everything stays tight. heather: in terms of the trade and the money going to north korea that goes directly to their nuclear arsenal. >> north korea has one priority to build ballistic missiles, deliver them to places like the united states, that is what they prioritize. heather: thank you for joining us. we will see what happens. todd: were you charged more for generic prescriptions then you needed to be? a not lose -- new lawsuit just filed. civil rights groups want you to stand for colin kaepernick because he can't get a job. we answer that question when we
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and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. todd: a major legal battle brewing over the controversial new income tax on the wealthy, the freedom foundation suing the city claiming taxes are constitutional, the measure passing last month, taxes, seattle residents on every dollar they make over 250 grand coupled over $500,000 at a rate of 2.25%. city officials say the additional $140 million a year would go to affordable housing and services for lower paid workers. we have not heard the last.
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heather: america's largest pharmacy chain facing a lawsuit accused of overcharging customers. todd: what is going on here? >> reporter: a california woman suing cbs for charging more to customers who use insurance to pay for prescriptions accusing cvs of participating in a, quote, fraudulent scheme and claims it paid $165.68 for a prescription in july without using insurance, would have cost $92. the lawsuit seeks class-action status, cvs denied the allegations. heather: if you own a nissan you could be entitled to $500. >> 4.4 million nissan vehicles with potentially defective takata airbags eligible for financial aid and getting their cars fixed, $500 in compensation under the terms of a new
2:24 am
settlement, the deal after similar agreements including takata airbag owners, and subaru. attorneys are working on settlements with honda and ford. heather: my wife had her recall notice for her car. >> some people could get even more because the powerball jackpot is up, no one has won yet. >> here are the numbers, 12, 30, 36, 47, 62. the powerball number is 9. good news if you didn't get your ticket because there was no winner. the powerball jackpot is at $356 million. there was no winner in tuesday night's mega millions drying, that jackpot is $382 million and will be drawn again friday. >> does it make me cheap that i go for the mega millions? rather than $2 for the powerball? >> we will pool our resources.
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todd: krispy kreme, great donuts but mixing it up. >> just when we thought they couldn't toss their latest creation, the peanut butter donut they announced a chocolate glazed doughnut, their classic original glazed donut smothered in chocolate glaze. it will only be available for a limited time and debut on august 21st, the night of the total solar eclipse. todd: got to get lottery tickets and krispy kreme. the juice won't get away once he is out of prison. heather: o.j. simpson's former agent's attempt to sell the infamous white bronco on an upcoming episode of pond stars and he wants half $1 million for it. todd: there was a slow speed
2:26 am
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so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. heather: you are watching "fox and friends" first, i am heather childers. laura: 5 we have a fox news alert. heather: 3 releasing details on attacking civilians in guam, warning north korea not to invite the destruction of his people. todd: the breaking details from washington dc with strong words from the secretary of defense. >> reporter: we are waking up to learn new details about the
2:30 am
plans to launch missiles into the waters near guam. north korean news release saying the plan is for intermediate range ballistic missiles will strike within 19 to 25 miles from the tiny islands, the trajectory would pass over japan, the plan could be said to kim jung un within a week, the missiles will be fired simultaneously, the most provocative action to date from the hermit kingdom. guam since 120 miles southeast of north korea, home to two us military bases houses 6000 troops with a population of 160,000 and the missile defense system, all this after the president sent a clear message. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.
2:31 am
>> reporter: the rogue regime is calling that warning a load of nonsense adding only, quote, absolute force can work on donald trump as the administration speaks with one voice, defense secretary jim matus had strong words to kim jung un to heed the advice of the united states and, quote, sees any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and destruction of its people. last night deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka reinforcing this unified position. >> that is an evil, evil regime as bad as anything from the soviet union, north korea, need to understand the black male stops and if you get into an arms race with the united states of america, you will lose. >> reporter: a lot of moving parts, rex tillerson returning from his southeast asia tour, we will see if there's any
2:32 am
de-escalation talk but these tensions are certainly rising. it is a bit odd that we are learning about a missile attack planned from the north korean news agency before kim jung un knows about it. todd: fascinating interplay and we have not scratched the surface, thank you. donald trump's fiery language turning heads among critics who say he is only stoking the flames. heather: todd starnes explains why the rampant rhetoric is what america needs. >> reporter: i was channel surfing through the cable news world, the crowd is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, severing panic attacks after donald trump delivered that verbal gut punch to the north koreans. brian williams at nbc says their job is to scare people to death. one voice of doom at cnn told her ryan's to go hide in caves
2:33 am
with that kind of mentality got us where we are today. for decades american presidents have kicked the can down the road and now we have come through, the north koreans developed their nuclear program thanks in part to the previous administration, president obama called it strategic patience but it was strategic cowardice and now kim jung un is one step closer to blowing up sarah palin's vegetable garden. is that what we want? radioactive radishes? of course not. a muscular message, you don't tug on superman's, don't backtalk your mama and don't talk smack to the greatest nation on the face of the earth, fire and fury. heather: the opposite of the apology tour. todd: we have a good history taking on boules, look at the
2:34 am
revolutionary war. heather: officials kicked out of the us after a string of bizarre incident leave american diplomats with severe hearing loss. near residences in cuba. the fbi and cuban officials are investigating. todd: a quest for justice for 9/11 victims and families, a judge overseeing military commission of khalid shaikh mohammed accused of planning the attacks must be disqualified from the case. he should have recused himself regarding mohammed's alleged guilt, mohammed brags about running the terror attack. new disturbing details about the plot to blow up a pack plane in austria, isis was able to ship plastic explosives on a
2:35 am
passenger jet avoiding security along the way. the package delivered without any problems, two alleged terrorists to build a bomb. taken to the airport in sydney, and abandoned at the last minute, the suspects plotted another failed scheme to release toxic gas in public, both men in custody. >> reassigned and fired for dangerous issues at a dc va hospital but brian hawkins is back on the payroll, hawkins given a desk job, he considers wrongful termination. he found sensitive information to his wife's email account, before that was assigned to administrative duty when an inspector general revealed unsanitary conditions at his hospital. another email issue. >> big issues we are facing the franklin has been downgraded but we are not out of the woods.
2:36 am
>> just the beginning of hurricane season, janice dean tracking extreme weather and has more. >> a big deal, the national hurricane center said you need to be on alert across the gulf coast and atlantic coast because we are uping our forecast and think we will see several major hurricanes in the atlantic basin this year. this is franklin downgraded to a tropical storm but it was our first official hurricane of the 2017 season, we had 6 named storms and one hurricane. you can see none of them affecting the us, cindy is a tropical storm earlier this year but we are watching this area of develop and as these systems could move towards the leeward islands, lesser antilles through the gulf of mexico, the yucatán peninsula and the east coast is that is where we have a couple waves we are watching. here we are, tropical activity as we get into peak season ramps up towards the middle of september.
2:37 am
we are watching a couple areas, the national hurricane center saying you need to be on alert, we are going to have a very busy season. quick look at your forecast, on the eastern half of the country and the rockies with former temperatures for much of the country. heather: that august heat is on, 20 minutes until the top of the hour, remember the school that forced a 9/11 memorial to move because it could trigger students? a major update you are going to want to hear. >> sparks fly in a city council meeting but not over a vote. >> no service, a gym closing its doors to officers and military members. wait until you hear why. ♪
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♪ we were dancing ♪ we were buzzing ♪ running and you love it ♪ heather: overcast in new york city. todd: running on controversy and atlantic jim says everyone is allowed except law enforcement and the military. heather: the internet is worked up. reaction on twitter to the crazy demand. >> reporter: out rays across social media after a sign stating this jim's policy went
2:42 am
viral online. it is hanging outside the ea the barbell club in atlanta and states a few households, no cops. jim chambers is the owner of this jim and he says active military and police are not allowed because they serve, quote, capitalism, white supremacy and will make his clientele uncomfortable. this sign is sparking outrage. let's get the reaction on this one. tom says do they know this is out right discrimination? polly says sounds like they want to go out of business, who would work out there? eric on social media said i can't believe they are in my town of atlanta, they need to go away, support our troops. the sign has been taken down but only to remove the curse word. chambers said he is going to put it back up. as for the atlanta police they responded to the situation saying where we to respond to
2:43 am
any emergency there is this would not stop us from lawfully doing our job. todd: the only good part of that story. we have another one. this is one of those things you never want to mention hitler and change race. yet this apps is touching. heather: very popular cell phone apps under fire today uses artificial intelligence to make people's selfys appear older or younger but a new update is causing a lot of controversy because it includes ethnicity filters to change people's selfys to make them look a black, indian and asian. angry twitter users calling this racist like this person who says i don't know how they thought people were going to love this.
2:44 am
they go on to say race and skin color changing filters, how do they not expect criticism? another tweet, i just tested it on my photo and the filters are massively racist. this is leaving my phone and madeleine on twitter also says knew this was going to happen as soon as i got the notification. what a truly terrible idea. so much outrage, make the filter no longer available. >> hard to believe, in walmart. >> this sign is reportedly hanging outside in indiana walmart and says owns the school like a hero. looks like it is hanging over a large gun display. walmart said it was truly awful,
2:45 am
we removed the sign as soon as we found the location but walmart seemed confused because they also tweeted to clarify, there was no such line posted so they are still looking into it. no one appears to think it is a good idea. obviously a mistake, people have to find something to get outraged about these days but allie says no, just know. i can't begin to describe how incredibly wrong this is. the manager says it doesn't exist. the social media, walmart if you look at the tweets, they are apologizing, saying so sorry this happened so they are looking into it. thank you so much. let's check in with brian kill mead to see what is coming up. another busy day. >> we will talk about north korea for a change of pace, the threat which is they got up yesterday morning and said we're
2:46 am
going after donald trump again. what does it mean for guam or hawaii or alaska. general jack keane will be here live to break it down. conservative columnist and talkshow host david webb will be here. the new structure of the white house and mark stein, turning on each other and as rogue isis drones, a new device can sap them out of the sky and we can get a look at one of them on the set, the outrage transcended the world of sport, yankees without pinstripes. we will tell you the story has people upset all coming your way, please put something on. poor mouth breather.
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heather: get your -- love it. you are feeling good wherever you are waking up this morning, thank you for joining duda -- "fox and friends" first. southern methodist university will allow a 9/11 memorial to stand remain in the center of the campus after major back last, the university reversing earlier decision we told you about to move all displays to another part of the school. they originally banned the displays to shield students from, quote, harmful or triggering messages. todd: after protesting the national anthem civil rights
2:51 am
activists trying to rescue colin kaepernick. united we stand is planned outside new york city headquarters, the poster misspells his name. he is being stonewalled by team owners despite fans over his anti-police stance. heather: maybe it was smaller somewhere. a star-studded cast doing rave reviews. >> you learn from living. >> why do we run away from you? heather: the glass castle. anytime i say that i love it and fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. you seem to like this one. >> i love hearing you say that.
2:52 am
this film the last castle based on a memoir by jeanette wall. spent 7 years on the bestseller list and it deals with a wide range story of a dysfunctional and unconventional family where kids were not in fool, by woody harrelson and others, a well-made film that put you in a moral conflict because you are thinking the entire time these parents are giving kids a great life, these are bad parents going back and forth, what the author intended with the book and the friendship, woody harrelson delivers the best performance of his career, he is phenomenal and paris larson who won the oscar is -- i wanted to know what it was like a. to watch woody harrelson play her father and presenting the
2:53 am
conflict going back and forth. >> you would think the performance would be over-the-top and see oh my gosh, he nailed it. the first time i saw it. why is dad doing woody's voice? first time i run the story in 6 weeks, and trying to get it right, figure out what is going on and how i feel about it. my background is in journalism and i tried to lay out the facts as much as possible and let the reader or viewer decide. they were both good and bad. >> it is powerful, and
2:54 am
incredible story, the first experience, they felt the movie did justice to the book, my only problem is total issues at times they were developing nonfiction and fictional elements, sometimes with hollywood movies using fictional qualities to move the story along and some did stand out. heather: less then a minute left. i have not heard about this one. >> this filmmaker, taylor sheridan, wrote a film called hell or high water, phenomenal writer directing a movie starring elizabeth olson, a game tracker who teams up with an fbi agent to investigate the rape and murder of an 18-year-old girl, brutal story but very well done in the writing department. there is an editing choice in
2:55 am
the film where they explain what happened to this 18-year-old, an incredibly well-made film regarding the editing choice is putting you in that moment, a hard film to watch, jeremy gives the best performance of his career. some tonal issues in the writing where they try to make some elements work with regard to comedic and dramatic qualities but overall four out of five, worth seeing but not as great as hell or high water. heather: thank you very much. 55 minutes after the hour, it is not delivery, is dues or no spilled all over the road. heather: a feline in the outfield who helped lift a major-league team to victory.
2:56 am
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peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and
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we are usaa members for life. heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. a rally cat is born. todd: game interrupted. the cat runs onto the field. the cat took it away. then the very next play. >> molina. left -- >> the game winning grand slam. you can't make that stuff up. heather: the bad. you can't make that up. i didn't dongeedone know pizza e
3:00 am
world. todd: hate to see that. crazy video of a purse exploding during a city council meeting. can you see flames shooting out. turns out a battery in the woman's purse somehow malfunctioned. the woman suffered minor burns. i wonder if it was a phone issue. todd: "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: bye. brian: north korea state media warns that its army is planning potential attacks on guam. >> as far as i'm concerned, as an american citizen, i want a president says that if any nation, such as north korea, attacks guam, attacks honolulu, attacks the west coast, that they will be met with hell and fury. >> you don't go to war with america. we aren't just a super power. we are a hyper power. >> what the trump administration is now facing is the direct result of the policies of appeasement to north korean dictators. >> he was criticizing barack


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